Arizona Interfaith Network

Arizona Interfaith Network (AIN) organizations are preparing a major statewide push in support of national immigration reform. AIN currently links the counties of Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Santa Cruz, Yavapai, Cochise, Coconino and Yuma statewide.

AIN organizations are researching congressional prospects for comprehensive legislation and organizing a multi-level initiative to build support by members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation.

AIN will work with diverse faith traditions along with key business and non-profit organizations in this endeavor. In addition, as an affiliate of the national Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), AIN will aggressively pursue national partnerships.

While Arizona’s draconian legislation targeting immigrants has been in the national spotlight for years, renewed hope has arisen for a more constructive approach on the part of enlightened leaders of both political parties.

The Arizona Interfaith Network includes Pima County Interfaith Council, Valley Interfaith Project, Northern Arizona Interfaith Council, and Yuma County Interfaith Council.

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