All persons have the right to affordable quality healthcare, including behavioral heath, and to a public health system that serves and protects children, families and communities. AIN supports investments in public health strategies, such as the Maricopa County Special Health Care District, AHCCCS and KidsCare, which provide healthcare to underserved populations. AIN advocates for clear public accountability for these investments.

Successful schools require collaboration among teachers, parents, students, principals, support staff, business leaders, religious leaders and the community. AIN supports increased investment in all levels of education, including early childhood education, full-day kindergarten, adult education, family literacy, universities and community colleges.

There is widespread agreement that U.S. immigration policy is broken. AIN supports the work of Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform to fix U.S. immigration policy.

Long-Term Care
A crisis, resulting from a rapidly growing aged population, is building in Arizona. The deteriorating quality and availability of long-term care, coupled with workers who lack appropriate training and adequate pay, is having disastrous consequences for caregivers and care receivers alike. AIN supports funding for Respite Care at both the state and federal levels.

Children and Youth
Children and youth deserve to live in crime-free, environmentally-safe neighborhoods, with quality affordable housing, access to good childcare, and rich educational and recreational opportunities. AIN supports public and private sector investments in programs that support children and youth at the state and local level.

Work, Wages and Benefits
All workers deserve to be paid a living wage with health benefits and to work in a safe environment. AIN supports high wage job creation that builds our economy and increased job training.

A healthy economy requires an infrastructure that supports the ability of all segments of the community to access jobs and services. AIN supports a balanced transportation system that equitably serves the interests of both businesses and families.